More Frequently Asked Questions and My Answers

  1. What is happening? What are you noticing at this moment occurring within your body that prompted the question? The act of noticing turns the massage from passive into active, and is one of the best ways to participate in your treatment.
  2. Can you press harder? No pain no gain is NOT true in massage. Pain and discomfort can also be relieved with techniques that do not hurt. This is especially important for people who have a high level of pain or ongoing pain. An important question is: What in the moment relieves the discomfort, not intensifies it?
  3. Why is it taking so long to get better? The pain tends to go away before an area is fully healed, and often we continue to push the limits and re-injure ourselves. You can ask “Is this part moving now and feeling better?” Noticing that a place is getting better and noticing the parts that are not hurting or tight is so important. Every success, every good feeling, every sense of ease should be absorbed. This makes the entire nervous system relax and benefits the whole person.
  4. When will I feel normal again? Try to be patient with your healing process. I think it is helpful to find a way to become comfortable with yourself and not be too demanding of any part of your body.
  5. What should/can I do? First, I will probably suggest you relax and gently move the rest of your body, Starting with easy breathing and mindful walking, I am happy to share some other ways for you to gently loosen up areas that tend to be tight between treatments. I can show you movements, self-massage, stretches, I can recommend products, loan books, etc. We are a team.

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