Questions I get Asked Most

  1. Can massage help? Massage can help in many circumstances with most people. Shoulder tightness, low back pain, anxious tension, aches after sports, stiff neck.
  2. What is this pain/discomfort? I feel it is most helpful to focus on what you are experiencing. I can help you release tightness which may be contributing to the pain. I can also help improve circulation locally and throughout the body to assist the body’s natural healing process.
  3. Why does this hurt? Tension and stagnant energy create pain and I can help relieve that. Sometimes I suggest that you ask yourself, “what is that part of me saying?” The answer may come in words, a picture or feeling. One person with low back pain radiating into the legs got the message, “this is too much to stand.”
  4. What muscle is that? I believe that sinking into one’s own body to feel what is going on is always beneficial, and thinking about the names of muscles and other information is only helpful if it is not distracting.
  5. Is that tight? I like to focus on improving energy flow to and through that place which can relieve tightness. I look beyond the pain to see what else needs to relax. For instance, gently stretching the chest may release upper back tension, massaging the neck may reduce a headache. I use a variety of techniques to give relief.

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