Easy Touch Techniques to Soothe Aches and Pains

Sometimes the simplest things can help someone else feel better.

First and last, touch should feel good.

Get comfortable, whether you are sitting standing or lying.

Breathe a few long, slow, full breathes.

Focus on your hands. They should be clean, smooth (put on a dab of lotion if they need it) and warm (gently rub them together until they feel warm.)

Still contact is comforting. Imagine that your hands have what is needed. Rest your hand(s) on any achy spot or somewhere else your friend will find comforting without pressing in. Feel the warmth and gentle presence. Skin to skin contact is nice but not essential.

Surface Stokes. Move your hand on the skin so lightly that the skin does not move. Slow, smooth, soft, repetitive movements feel good. This feels nice on hands, face, belly, back, etc. you can use these smooth strokes to reconnect areas of the body, such as sliding from hands up to shoulders and back down. Skin to skin contact is nice but not essential.

Circles. Lightly press the skin so that it moves with your fingers. Make small circles with your fingertips, fingers, or palms. This feels nice on hands, forehead, around the eyes, jaw, scalp, base of the skull, back of the neck. Be sure your hands remain relaxed, or take a break if they are getting tired. You can also lighten up so your hands slide over the skin, returning to surface strokes. Skin to skin contact is nice but not essential.

Compression: press/ squeeze a little more deeply, hold for a moment, then gradually release. This is nice on inner corners of the eyebrow, the webbing of the hand, on shoulders.

Shaking: gently loosely relaxedly roll or shake out hands, arms, feet, legs.

Stretching: slow and gentle for as long as the stretching lengthens followed by an easy release.

First and last, touch should feel good.