Home Remedies for Help with Low Back Pain

Call a massage professional (such as me) and book a treatment, then go for your appointment. Relaxing the tight muscles always helps. Try any of the methods below, and if they help, continue using them, but if they hurt then stop. The first day your back bothers you, use an ice pack for 5-10 minutes […]

Holiday spa parties in Norwich, VT

Book your holiday spa party now! Invite your friends for a free aromatherapeutic foot soak and the sampling of bath product, lotions for hands, feet, body and face, products to relieve pain, calm or energize body and soul. Just Swiss natural herbal products. Email or call (802-356-1156) to make party arrangements. Gift certificates for massage […]

A Few Self-Massage Techniques to Relieve Stress

You don’t have to visit the spa to enjoy the benefits of massage. There are many simple self-massage techniques you can use to relax and release stress. Here are a few. Scalp Soother: Place your thumbs behind your ears while spreading your fingers on top of your head. Move your scalp back and forth slightly […]

How to Get the Most out of Your Massage

Schedule your treatment when you won’t have something to do immediately afterwards. If possible, take care of any pressing concerns before the treatment time. Turn off your electronic devices or else leave them outside the massage room. Ask all the questions you have before the treatment. Verbalize some goals for your treatment. Let the massage […]

More Frequently Asked Questions and My Answers

What should/can I do? First, I will probably suggest you relax and gently move the rest of your body, Starting with easy breathing and mindful walking, I am happy to share some other ways for you to gently loosen up areas that tend to be tight between treatments. I can show you movements, self-massage, stretches, I can recommend products, loan books, etc. We are a team. See more…

Releasing Trigger Points

A Trigger Point is a place within a muscle that is tight and hurts and also often refers pain to other places. It is good to relieve the place that has the small spasm. The referred pain will feel like you can’t put your finger on it, and pushing hard on that area will not bring relief.